5 Benefits Of Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

For millions of women all over the world, a diamond engagement ring is something that they have been thinking about for years before it comes time to receive the big question!

More than any other piece of jewelry, an engagement ring means so much. Because of the weight of love that it carries, there is extra pressure on the proposer to make sure that the ring design is exceptional so they present the perfect engagement ring to their fiance.

While there is a multitude of stunning engagement rings available, there is the option for a bespoke ring to your own design.

Of course, letting your partner make their own decision on such an important task might not always be the preferred option, and the truth is that if you want to end up with your dream ring, then you might have to take control of the design process for yourself!

With so many different design elements to consider, you might not necessarily want your loved one (as dedicated as they might be) to make all the decisions regarding the choice of precious metals, gemstones, carat, ring settings, and style.

The engagement ring design is far too important to leave in the hands of a person who isn’t confident in communicating with a jeweler. If you are serious about having a custom design and want a unique engagement ring that is everything you ever imagined, the best thing to do is get involved yourself!

Here are five of the best benefits of being responsible for your own custom ring design.

You Can Create Your Dream Ring
Not every prospective bride wants a traditional engagement ring and wedding band. A custom-made engagement ring is a way to break free from the conventional and design something that is 100% you and 100% your dream.

Custom jewelry is the simplest way to ensure that you end up with something that not only fits with the vibe of your jewelry collection but also suits your personality.

Single Diamond Designing Your Own Engagement Ring
The beauty of custom pieces is that you don’t have to conform to any specific jewelry rules. Your jewelry designer will conform to you and your ring style preference.

If you want rose gold instead of white gold or want an unusual mix of gemstones, then there is nothing stopping you when you are the one in charge!

You may already have a ring design in mind and have a sketch to present to your jeweler. But you may just have a concept. A jewelry store offering a bespoke service will have craftsmen who can bring this concept to life. You can also get a wedding ring to match if that’s your wish.

It Can Be More Convenient
If you are the kind of person who knows exactly what you want in all aspects of your life, then your engagement ring design isn’t going to be any different! The ability to design a custom engagement ring that contains all of the features that you desire can be a much more convenient process compared to trawling the internet or ring shopping at physical jewelers until you come across the perfect ring.

Think about it this way. Why put yourself through the stress of trying to find a ring that has everything you want, when you can cut out the middle man and go straight to a custom ring design that ticks every single box?

It Guarantees High Quality
If you are involved in the design from the very start, then you will have peace of mind that the final product will be high quality. When you have time and money to spend on designing every element, then you know that the ring maker cannot get away with potentially cutting any corners.

Two diamond engagement rings together Designing Your Own Engagement Ring
Only the best materials will be used, the best center diamonds, the best precious metals, the best techniques in craftsmanship, etc.

When you pick a ring off the shelf, you don’t know how it has been made and what the quality of the jewelry making was like. With a custom design, you will have been involved in the process from the very start and will have a clear idea of how the ring came to be. In most cases, the warranty that you receive with the ring will also be comprehensive and inclusive of anything that might possibly be wrong with the ring in the future.

A Custom Ring Can Hold More Symbolism
There isn’t anything very personal about choosing and wearing an engagement ring that is a copy of or similar to thousands of others around the world. A custom design makes the experience and final product much more personal and intimate for you and your partner.

There are no strict rules when it comes to designing a ring, besides the fact that the band ideally needs to fit your finger.

From engraving to specific stone choices to precious metal colors and every other design element you can think of, everything is up for personalization when you go bespoke. Though clear diamonds might be the more traditional, classic choice, if something like an emerald or amethyst holds special symbolism for your relationship, then go ahead and put an emerald or amethyst in place instead! The same can be said for the metal. Yellow and white gold are the most common choices, but if rose gold speaks to you on a personal level, go for it.

It Can Be Better For Your Budget
If you know that you have a specific budget that you need to stick to, starting the design process from the ground up can be a way to save money in certain places and spend a little extra on others.

ring laying on babys breath flowers Designing Your Own Engagement Ring
If you want to put more of your budget into the center stone compared to the band, then you can do so, or perhaps you don’t mind a much smaller carat size in favor of a special precious metal like platinum.

No matter what your personal preferences and budgetary limitations might be, the beautiful thing about not having to choose from a pre-made collection of rings is that you will end up with something that you love and approve of, without having to stretch yourself financially.

The Takeaway
When you choose to custom design an engagement ring, you are in control of its uniqueness. You don’t have to compromise on any aspect to achieve the symbolism you want. The personal touch makes the ring more meaningful and most custom jewelry pieces become a family heirloom.

You get exactly what you want and it’s a fun and exciting process to enjoy on your first steps toward married life.

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