Modern Engagement Ring Styles 2023

When preparing to pop the question, there’s plenty to think about. Where and when and how are crucial but many people would argue that the most important element is the ring. The very idea of choosing the perfect engagement ring can send you into a tailspin.

Do you choose the ring yourself so the proposal is a complete surprise or do you choose the ring together to reduce every chance you could get it wrong? What about the size? And then, there are so many different engagement ring styles.

For many generations, it wasn’t such a hard choice. It was all quite traditional. You’d choose a yellow gold diamond engagement ring with a coordinating yellow gold wedding band. Now there’s an overwhelming number of choices ... different colors of gold, other precious metals, materials other than precious metals, gemstones or no gemstones, diamond shapes, and all the different styles conceived by skilled and artistic jewelry designers.

Today’s engagement rings are not just a symbol of betrothal but an expression of personal style. The perfect ring for your fiancé is out there. You just need some help to narrow down the field of choice. Let’s take a look at some of the modern engagement ring styles that will dominate collections in 2023.

Gender Neutral Rings

The notion of gender identity is something that is much more fluid these days, and if you or your partner don’t identify with the more traditional ‘binary’ roles then you will be pleased to learn that more designers and retailers are recognizing this in gender-neutral jewelry.


More simple-looking, arguably gender-fluid designs are set to be increasingly popular in the next few years, with a turn towards chunky, bold metals and bezels compared to the classically feminine diamonds and other bling. We’re expecting to see a distinct move towards white gold engagement and wedding rings, moving away from rose gold.

If you do want gemstones but want to see them displayed in a less feminine manner, then avoid princess cut, baguette cut, heart cut, and round cut diamonds, and aim for something like a marquise or emerald cut diamond instead.

Colorful Gemstones
Something that feels more modern on an engagement ring is the choice of colored gemstones over the more traditional white diamonds. Stones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds will be more prominent in engagement rings this year and beyond.

The perennially popular blue sapphire diamond halo ring (as popularized by Diana, Princess of Wales) is unlikely to ever fall out of favor but different designs including colored stones will come to the fore.

When you have a bold center stone on your finger, there is no doubt what the ring on that particular finger is there for. Choosing a colorful stone rather than a clear one is just a simple way to add some innovation and personality to the notion of being engaged!

A Touch Of Nostalgia
You will no doubt have noticed that vintage shopping and thrifting have made huge inroads into the fashion industry in the last few years, with young people and fashion-conscious people opting to search second-hand racks for heirloom pieces rather than something completely brand new.

modern engagement ring styles
Engagement Ring 14K White Gold MultiRow
The jewelry world has noticed this trend too, and so there are many more vintage-inspired ring designs in the cases of jewelry retailers that give the feel of something old and treasured while being very modern and new. Art Deco style engagement rings have been enjoying the spotlight for quite a while now.

The great thing about new designs based on vintage engagement rings in particular rather than actual vintage pieces is that you have the security of knowing that your new purchase is going to have the kind of durability that you are hoping for in an engagement ring that is going to be worn for the rest of your life.

Traditional cushion cuts are very much the leading style in this new era of vintage-inspired rings, with some sources reporting an increase of 118% compared to last year.

Stackable Rings
Another trend that has taken over every element of jewelry is stacking, also known as layering. People want to be more creative and individual now than ever before, and buying sets of stackable rings to create your combos of jewels and metals is incredibly modern.

modern engagement ring styles
Engagement Ring 14K White Gold Channel Set
Pick out a stackable band ring for your engagement ring that you can identify as the ‘main’ piece in the set. With the right sort of ring, you should be able to easily match it with your wedding band and other rings including an eternity ring and dress/cocktail rings.

The important thing with a trend like this is to make sure that the engagement ring itself always remains the star of the show so bear in mind the carat weight. 

Oval Cuts And Oval Diamonds
Another shape that has seen a massive boost in popularity lately is everything oval-shaped. According to the experts, an oval’s signature oblong shape draws attention to the hand and lengthens the appearance of the fingers, which are two things that you want to achieve with a centerpiece engagement ring!

Oval-shaped diamonds in a solitaire setting are a popular choice because they evoke a pure form of modern femininity.

The Bigger The Better!
In 2023, there is going to be no room for the muted and demure, it is all about being big, brash, and bold with your jewelry choices and engagement rings are very much included in this!

When browsing for your ring, keep bold shapes, large diamonds, extra side stones, and halo cuts in mind, and don’t be afraid to make a really ‘out there’ decision because it will be completely in keeping with the current trends.

Something to keep in mind is that you can always get more stones for your budget if you opt for lab-grown diamonds, which are just as stunning as natural stones but for a much lower overall cost!

Black Diamonds
Something that can set your engagement ring apart from the rest is the choice of a black diamond. Black diamonds are incredible to view up close, and they have enjoyed something of a renaissance of late thanks to the popularity of the Sex And The City reboot and Carrie Bradshaw’s famous black diamond ring that she was gifted by Big in the last movie in the franchise.

Of course, if your partner is interested in the world of goth or any other edgy subculture, then what better than a black diamond ring to keep things super modern and be more in keeping with their style?

Surprise Details
The more surprise details you can include in your engagement ring, the better. This includes things like extra side stones, pavé bands, interesting clusters, and prongs amongst others.

Modern classics like to do a little bit more than just a solitaire stone on a gold band these days, so keep this in mind when you are browsing the jeweler cabinets, and try to find something that has a little bit more to offer in terms of interesting design elements.

The Final Choice
This has been quite a journey into the engagement ring trends for 2023. But the most important thing to remember above all else when choosing an engagement ring is that it doesn’t matter if it is bang on trend. You must love it. Whether it is a classic solitaire ring or the most contemporary designer ring, it should fill your heart with joy every time you look at it.

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